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I love that thing that builds up inside and needs to get out and onto canvas, or board or comes screaming out as a sketch,  is a plan to work with glass. It is creativity, it's like a pot of boiling water, and I can't leave the lid on.

Paint, brushes, a canvas and an idea. They don't always come out the way I see them inside my thoughts but the journey is always the best part for me.

Plein Air or the studio I love them both, as long as I can paint. Oh, I really love a commission with a concept, an idea that has been planted and its up to me to water it, nurture it and bring it to fruitation. ya that is a great feeling!!

Well, I've done some big shows and some small shows, I've demo'd and taught a bit, won  awards, ribbons and prizes and sold nationally and internationally. I will continue to create because I am blessed with the ability and the desire.

Since starting in watercolours in May of 2012, i have learned so much, won prizes, awards in several contests and shows, always focused more on honing my skills.

Cheers Terri